Why Individual Horse Owners Require Liability Insurance

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The topic of equine liability is a broad one, and includes a variety of situations. One, in particular, that warrants special attention is the topic of individual horse owners. Of course, horses are powerful animals that can inflict great harm on others. However, horse owners are considered to be at fault if their horses end up hurting someone.

At the same time, not all horse owners have liability insurance. Here are some common scenarios whereby the horse owner could be at fault.

The horse has developed a dangerous habit, including biting or kicking, and the horse owner failed to warn people of this danger. As a result of the horse’s dangerous behavior, this causes injury to a person who was otherwise not aware of the horse’s habits.

The horse owner handles or rides the horse in such a manner that is considered negligent, and as a result, the horse ends up injuring someone. For instance, a show rider who is distracted by being on their smartphone may run over another horse and/or rider in an arena as a result of their distraction and was not looking where they were going.

The horse owner does not provide appropriate fencing or latches on stall doors, and the horse is able to escape. If the horse is able to get to the road in an area that’s not designated as “open range,” it’s highly possible that a passing motorist won’t see the horse in time to swerve around it and avoid an accident. If the motorist is hurt in this situation, the horse owner will be at fault.

Equine liability insurance policies are designed specifically for individual horse owners. These policies are quite affordable, considering how much they can save you financially should you ever find yourself in litigation. These policies not only provide coverage, they also provide some peace of mind.

Does Homeowners’ Insurance Provide Coverage?

Many horse owners falsely believe that if their horse hurts someone, their homeowners’ insurance policy will cover them. Unfortunately, many times horse owners will find out the hard way that they actually don’t have any coverage only after an incident occurs. The majority of policies only provide a very small cap on payouts related to medical expenses.

In addition, certain homeowners’ policies won’t provide coverage if the horse isn’t kept at home. Others may have certain exclusions for livestock. In the majority of cases, if your horse is leased, this will be considered commercial use and will be excluded from your homeowners’ insurance policy.

Your best bet is to take out an affordable equine liability insurance policy to make sure you are fully covered.