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Advantages of Joining a Private Golf Club

Being a member of a private private golf club is a commitment, and one which you must feel good about. If you’re thinking of a private club membership, there are several things to be looked into. Take the time doing your research to ensure that you can enjoy the experience the most.

So what benefits can you expect from being a private golf club member?

Unlimited Course Access
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As membership to a private club is limited, you enjoy such benefits as availability of tee times, pace of play and course access. Note that at some private clubs, they don’t even take tee times; instead, they are guided by first come, first serve rule, which is surely appealing for a spontaneous player.
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Exclusivity of Course and Amenity Use

If you like to mingle with people of the same economic status as you, whether for business or pleasure, membership at a private club would be nice to have. People usually join private clubs either for professional reasons, like networking, entertaining business guests, etc. In any case, a private club has exclusive access and will maintain that exclusivity for the benefit of its members.

Various Amenities

Besides the golf course, there are many other amenities provided by private clubs to their members. These amenities add value to being a member but are usually accompanied by a cost as expected. When planning to join a private club, ask about amenities, which often include swimming pool, basketball, tennis, pickle ball, bird watching, and many others.

There are plenty of things you have to take into account when joining a private golf club. Best thing for you to do is to give it a try – request a tour, get on the course and play, talk to with current members, attend some of the functions they have at the club, and so on. The more you know about the club, the more comfortable you’ll be when you finally decide to be part of it.

At the end of the day, what really counts about joining a private golf club is your prospective golf experience. Keep in mind that golf country club fees are hardly cheap, so you need to make sure that the investment you make is going to be worthwhile. That’s also why you should check the golf course review and see the green. Expectedly, the more exclusive a club is, the more expensive its fees are.

There are mainly two fees you have to pay – one is called an initiation fee, which is paid at the time of taking membership. The second would be composed of your dues, either annually or monthly. With some clubs, you don’t need to pay an initiation fee, but you do need a present club member to sponsor your own membership.