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We agreed a joint statement on non-traditional companion animals (141 KB PDF) , also recognized as exotic pets, in 2015 with the British Modest Animal Veterinary Society (BSAVA), British Veterinary Zoological Society (BVZS) and Fish Veterinary Society (FVS). Whilst states like Texas use permit systems to regulate exotic pets, other states employ them to supplement their bans. These are bad factors to get a single and the exotic animals end up in sanctuaries or released into the wild. It is a shame that your wish for a cute, unique exotic trumps the numerous causes that these animals must be given the respect to be left wild.

Till recently, West Virginia also had no statewide regulations, but following the 2003 monkeypox outbreak its legislature developed an animal health handle board to monitor the trade in exotic pets. One more aspect that you want to discover out ahead of buying an exotic animal is if there is a veterinarian in your location that will treat the animal.

The city of West Bend, Wisconsin passed an ordinance against exotic pets after a resident was seen walking the streets with a massive snake around his neck, and Muskego, Wisconsin designed a similar ordinance following a wallaby attack injured two young children. The Pearsons, owners of 44 huge cats, 16 black bears, and a host of other exotic pets, challenged the Summit County Board of Health’s conclusion right after an administrative hearing that the pets constituted a nuisance. Uncover out how your state, city and county regulates private possession of exotic animals.

She might not have stated her sources, but it has been produced identified to the public by vetrinary and animal groups (not just animal rights activists) that exotic animals do not make excellent pets. Because Paquette’s write-up was written, the Federal Government has passed what may be the most substantial federal protection of exotic pets, the Captive Wildlife Safety Act, passed pursuant to the Congress’s power to regulate interstate commerce. Even though some states have a comprehensive ban on exotic pets, other states basically call for permits for their possession, and some states have no regulations whatsoever.

Considering that courts recognize public overall health and safety as reputable government interests, and because exotic pet regulations are rationally related to securing the public wellness and safety, owners have lost all such equal protection challenges. Some states do not fully ban exotic pets, though they do seek to monitor them within their borders.