Simple Ways to Take Care of Puppies

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Pleasant moments come when your house the arrival of a new family member is a puppy and cute. All the best things given to him. But a few days later arise very annoying problem of your mind. Puppy your pet will not eat, stress, diarrhea, etc.
When we get a puppy and cute as a new member of our family, of course, that other family members will feel happy. All the focus and attention will typically focus on the puppy, but it’s good to know things that should be avoided while welcoming the petite and cute puppy. This is to avoid problems such beautiful puppy we do not want to eat, stress, diarrhea and even cry.
Therefore, to avoid the things above, follow these tips:
1. After you buy a new dog arrived at home, he put a quiet place. Do not take the first game in 2-3 hours. Let him adapt to the new environment and provide a comfortable bed as you can see in pet beds.

2. Do not directly be fed, this is often done by the owner of a new puppy. Newly arrived puppies a new home if in good condition will immediately eat the food given although he still stressed. Should be fed 12 hours after the dog arrived at home. Dogs are directly fed by the time he comes usually be problems a few days later, as a hunger strike.
3. Give food to taste, do not continue to be fed if a given portion is up. Healthy puppies will definitely spend eating however much there is to a full stomach. Overeating cause diarrhea.
4. The new dog (regardless of age) should not be bathed or given the vaccination at least 1 week since he came.
5. Puppies new dog would cry in a few days. When she was crying, so be it. It will take about 2-3 days.
6. Check the health of your new dog to the vet to buy.
And here is how to maintain and keep a pet.
Place for your puppy
Your puppy for her in the need to place herself. Give her the baskets, cages or beds were closed so she felt safe and secure, you can see through dog beds. Add pedestal like old sheets or towels in place then become a comfortable place for your puppy.
Respect the privacy of your puppy and let him feel secure in the new place. Try not to let him for long periods of time. Remember your puppy is a social animal. Avoid putting your puppy into place when he was naughty. We recommend that you create makes the place where he feels safe and welcome and at ease. To the right bed for your dog, you can see through CrazySales.
Puppy Nutrition
Newborn puppies receive nutrients entirely from mother’s milk during the first four weeks. Thereafter, solid foods can be added gradually to full weaning food until about 6-8 weeks. The nutritional needs of more demanding puppies more than adult dogs; in the first few weeks, the weight of the puppy will be doubled. During the time of the formation of this important stage, the puppy will use the amount of energy for growth and play, but his stomach was still relatively small, and therefore get the best nutrition that is very important to him.
Choosing a puppy food
It’s important to give your puppy food that is highly digestible, nutrient-dense food and formula 100% complete and balanced designed for growth. And because the growth rate is very different for each race / breeds. It is important to choose a formula that matches the size of your puppy race.