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How To Reduce Pet Hair At Home? Pets most especially cats and dogs easily bring joy to our hearts and smile to our faces. Those little furry friends we have however leave pet hair all over the house. These pet hairs can be a real nuisance if not dealt with. It accumulates not just on the carpet and fabric furniture but even on clothing as well. Apart from that pet hair is usually the cause of allergies to us humans. Let’s face it, pet hair is not that easy to deal with but, there are several tips that could be used in keeping your home less hairy. Tip number 1. Use a lint roller – while you should do your best in keeping your pet off of the furniture as well as out of the closet, the lint rollers can be a wonderful tool in trying to remove hair from these attracting surfaces. Simply grab the handle and roll the adhesive surface up and down across any item. The sticky surface will grab every strand. When you are through, you just have to peel off the old piece and attach a new one under.
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This is used primarily as well for big pieces of furniture similar to chairs and couches. Sticky sheet also act like a lint roller except for the fact that it is more adhesive and bigger.
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Tip number 2. Vacuum often – rugs are where our dogs and cats spend most of their time so, being able to maintain its cleanliness isn’t easy. Vacuum is a necessity when you own a pet but, you can’t simply own it, you need to use it regularly. Yes it is true that it may sound a tedious task but, this is crucial if you really want to maintain drapes, furniture and rugs. It is advisable to pet owners to have at least a small vacuum that have detachable handles which will allow you to get into all crannies and nooks. Tip number 3. Wash the carpet – give your dog or cat a bath at least twice a week as this decreases the amount of hair around your house. Much like to brushing, scrubbing and shampooing your pets coat get rids of dead hair while moisturizing the skin, which makes the follicles even stronger. Whenever possible, only buy shampoos with anti allergen solution because this is known not only in reducing shedding but can clear up pet dander at the same time. Being able to get rid of pet hair at your home isn’t a walk in the park but it is definitely doable so long as you’re consistent in doing the aforementioned tips.