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Summary of Law: All persons who possess specific wild animals must obtain a permit for every single animal they possess. If your state, city or county does not prohibit private possession, speak to your state senator and representative or your city and county council members and urge them to introduce legislation banning possession of exotic animals. As the respective courts did in Wright , New York City Pals of Ferrets , and Rhoades , the Iowa Supreme Court employed the rational relationship test in evaluating Kent’s claim, holding that the county interest in public health and security was sufficiently associated to the ban on maintaining unsafe animals as pets. In the exotic pet context, owners have asserted liberty and house interests in maintaining their pets.

Even though states like Texas use permit systems to regulate exotic pets, other states employ them to supplement their bans. These are undesirable reasons to acquire a single and the exotic animals finish up in sanctuaries or released into the wild. It is a shame that your want for a cute, distinctive exotic trumps the countless reasons that these animals should be provided the respect to be left wild.

For the two-month period like the time when Clayton Eller was mauled, CWAPC reported 1 human fatality in the U.S. (Clayton), four human injuries, six U.S. animal fatalities, 179 confiscations (most from a private breeder in Texas), and eight escapes. The American Veterinary Medical Association, the United States Division of Agriculture (USDA), and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have all expressed opposition to the possession of certain exotic animals by folks.

If and when the person realizes he/she can no longer care for an exotic pet, he/she typically turns to zoos and other institutions such as sanctuaries to relieve him/her of the duty. Like licensing schemes, other regulations enable exotic pet ownership although prescribing the situations under which such animals might be kept or imported. As public interest in various exotic pets increases, an unregulated animal might be newly understood to pose a danger.

After becoming denied a permit to maintain him, and soon after losing a protracted battle against the Green Bay city council to change the regulation, Cornelius and Jasper moved to a suburb that allowed monkeys as pets. The sale and possession of exotic animals is regulated by a patchwork of federal, state and regional laws that typically vary by neighborhood and by animal.