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Reinforcing Door Security

The most noticeable access to a house is a door. Interestingly enough, it’s an observation that homeowners and burglars both agree to be true. The Federal Bureau of Investigation says that 65 percent of house theft happen by forcing open an exterior door, to which reinforcing exterior doors offer a very easy way for homeowners to heighten their home security immediately.

First of all, homeowners should inspect their existing external doors when planning to improve door security. Apparently, doors should be unyielding, made of metal or solid wood if possible, and any particleboard door should be scheduled for urgent replacement.

Also, make sure that every exterior door has a deadbolt lock because the lock inside a doorknob can be overcome using nothing but a screwdriver to push the doorjamb out, and then let loose the lock. Homeowners must examine their current deadbolts to ensure that the throw bolts extend no less than one inch past the door’s edge, and that it isn’t wobbly or shaky in any way. The lock should be immediately replaced if the throw bolt is found to be lesser than 1 inch or if it wobbles in its casing.

The deadbolt’s strike plates are the couple of plane metal plates where the throw bolt is contained from each part whenever the door is shut. The door and the door jamb each have one of the metal plates. These two strike plates must also be examined, which involves taking out the screws that fasten them to the door and the door jamb. If possible, the minimum length of the screws has to be three inches. Otherwise, they should be changed. This is a good occasion as well for homeowners to carry out an inspection of the door along with the door jamb.
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It is important for homeowners to realize that strong doors maybe the only most important aspect of any home defense system. And so, this isn’t the place to search for the most inexpensive solution. The American Standards Institute/ANSI categorizes deadbolt locks into Grade 1 — the most superior locks — Grade 2, and Grade 3. Homeowners should endeavor to seek out the Grade One deadbolt that they may find at their local locksmith shop, and the Grade Two deadbolts should be their absolute minimum standard for home security.

All in all, homeowners must likewise install heavy-duty strike plates to doorjambs in order to heighten the security of their homes.

If the new deadbolts together with the strike plates and longer screws have been purchased, the installation of updated deadbolt locks is good to go. Once installation on all external doors has been completed, the homeowners will have reinforced their existing home security system, improving the security of their home and family.Learning The Secrets About Doors