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How to Keep Your Pet Safe in the Backyard

There is a common misconception that allowing a pet to roam freely in the backyard is perfectly safe. Sadly, this is not the case. There are a ton of dangers lurking in most backyards, which could cause harm to your pet. It’s inadvisable to leave a pet home alone for too long, as most pets soon get bored and look for interesting diversions. Ideally, you should supervise your dog when he’s playing outside, but before you open the door, carry out a risk assessment.

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Check the Boundary

The first thing any responsible pet owner must do is check the perimeter of the backyard. Just because you think the fence is secure, it doesn’t mean it actually is. There may be holes hidden behind bushes and shrubs or a rotten section that wouldn’t take much of a shove or chew to open out. Look for gaps and make … Read More